Award-winning Event Strategist + Planner

For tailored, goal-oriented events that engage and captivate

When you require more than another event, it’s time for an experience — one that leaves a lasting impression and calculable results. 


You team is already busy enough –marketing, promoting, creating content, managing programs, and handling all the business-as-usual operations. There’s not enough time in the day to find a venue, design an engaging attendee experience, and expertly manage the details needed to cultivate your next event vision and bring it to life. 

But you know what you want. You want to:

This is for the driven business owner – that professional organization dedicated to actively cultivating their corner of the world.

Showcase what you have to offer while focusing on the attendee experience

Create meaningful connections with current and potential clients

Build brand awareness and engagement

Generate new, qualified leads

You want an event that can generate exponential growth in your business ventures. 

You want results. 

For over a decade, OneTouch Events is known as experts in innovative, high-end events in destinations worldwide.

The foundation of our work is innovative approaches crafted from time-tested, proven strategies and years of experience. 

Our team has maintained the highest level of commitment to industry knowledge, skill training, and strategic implementation because we’re invested in more than our own success. We’re invested in your success. 

“I partnered with OneTouch Events for my first three-day, in-person event and the sense of ease I experienced in working with them is indescribable.”

– Dr. EJT

“Jillian and her team guided me step-by-step, from selecting a venue all the way through being on-site during the actual event. Even though I was planning the event from out-of-state, they made the entire process so smooth and efficient. Their professionalism and communication are unmatched. OneTouch Events is truly one of a kind!” 

Reach The Level Beyond “Pretty” – Impactful

When it comes to stronger brand awareness, increased lead generations, or improved client connections, “pretty” doesn’t cut it. For those kinds of results, you need more.

As idea cultivators and production managers, we maintain an invested interest in our clients’ events. By partnering with individuals, couples, and organizations from strategy to execution, we are able to craft high-end experiences that check all the boxes. (And, yes, we even make it pretty.) 

From retreats in the sands of Marrakech to coveted venues across the Southeast, we’ve produced elevated events in destinations around the globe.

Through our "boots on the ground" approach, we’ve built relationships and partnerships that help us curate some of the most inspirational and memorable experiences found across the world. 

Large or small, domestic or international, OneTouch’s signature of excellence is on every event and every detail.

proudly powered by partnerships that span states, oceans, and currencies

We don’t believe in offering straight-from-the-box, one-size-fits-all services. Instead, we thrive on stretching our creative edges by delivering custom experiences – every time. 

As a results oriented company…

“Working with the OneTouch Events team was a game changer.”

“As I planned my conference, KNOWN Live, they were able to seamlessly take the pieces of my vision and put it together into a remarkable experience for everyone involved. There's no way we would have been able to get through the planning without this amazing team!” 

– Christina W.

At OneTouch Events, we cultivate custom experiences for our clients, sourcing the best service providers, managing all logistics, and orchestrating top-level production for a seamless experience.

With over a decade of special events industry and corporate consulting experience along with and vast creative partnerships, we are uniquely equipped to cultivate your bud of a vision into a meticulously planned and executed event – one that builds connection and community.




OneTouch Events is an award-winning event planning firm known for bespoke experiences and a strategic approach to high-end events for the individuals, couples, and brands they serve.

Results-driven event planning – based in Atlanta, Georgia, serving discerning clientele worldwide.