Award-winning Event Strategist + Planner

The strategists, idea cultivators, and production managers of impeccably executed events

Why manage a dozen service providers, when all it takes is OneTouch?

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, OneTouch is an award-winning international event planning firm adept at cultivating ideas into impactful events.


We partner with those cultivating their corner of the world, by helping them to make it even better through our proven methodology and expertise. 

Relying on our finely-tuned skills, time-tested processes, and gift for innovation, we plan life-enhancing events for individuals and businesses. We fully understand the level of care required and we value our role in bolstering your presence and success through events. 

“Jillian was professional from day one and helped anchor us to 3 priorities for our big day. Those anchors guided us throughout our 15-month planning process.”

– Garnette W.

“With Team OneTouch, we got not just one awesome planner, but two! Val was Jillian’s right hand and helped make our experience even more special. They were both organized, responsive, and utilized their relationships to find us the very best vendors. In addition to wanting a true project manager, we wanted a planner that had an eye for design to help us bring our vision to life, and Jillian did just that.”

As leaders in our field, we continue to exceed the expected level of service for every client we serve.

At OneTouch, our goal is to take your event ideas and desired outcomes and make them tangible That’s why we create events that build connection and community long after venue clean-up is done.

We are invested in more than our success. We’re invested in yours. 

Equipped with an award-winning event planning methodology, a time-tested process, and the necessary post-event data analytics reporting, we continue to make each event our “best one yet.” We leave each event proud of the work we've done, knowing that we gave it our "all," while still believing we have the ability to improve for the next one. 

Over a decade in the special events industry

“Jillian and her team are incredibly professional and ON IT.”

“When I held my first live event, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but Jillian and her team made sure I not only felt comfortable but took so much anxiety from the unknown off of my plate. She and her team ensured I felt good and comfortable the entire time we were working together. They always put my needs first.”

– Bianca R.

With over a decade of experience and expertise in event strategy, we partner with our clients in planning and executing completely custom, next-level events. 

We don’t believe in offering straight-from-the-box, one-size-fits-all services. Instead, we thrive on stretching our creative edges by delivering custom experiences with maximum impact – every time. 

Owner, Creative Director, and Event Strategist

Credit it to my 10 year corporate background spent working at top corporations such as Accenture and The Home Depot, my roles immersed me into the world of systems, methodology, client management, lifecycle planning, strategy, production, and implementation. It also afforded me the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most brilliant minds in business, many of which are on our board of advisors today.

Hi, I’m Jillian Smith.

Owner, Creative Director, and Event Strategist

For every project, from conferences to weddings, my approach comes from a strategic perspective, with a panache of intentional design concepts and most importantly, an insatiable desire to exceed expectations. 

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling to new and favorite destinations around the globe which affords me the opportunity to learn and experience cultures & customs, spending quality time with my husband, my family and the best friends a woman can ask for!

“Jillian is the epitome of a leader, as each member of her team assists with the same level of professionalism."

– Joy A.

"There were moments when I felt totally overwhelmed, but Jillian kept me calm. She kept me on track and always gave helpful advice.” 

The OneTouch Commitment

We remain relentlessly committed to…

Circular respect–given and received from our clients, service providers, and guests 

High standards–for our behavior and all our interactions

Exceptional experiences–for our clients and their guests

Open communication–between our team and yours

Fun–because work you love never feels like work 

Gratitude–for opportunities and experiences in the here and now

Long-lasting relationships–with our clients, colleagues, and partners

New ideas–to facilitate business growth and improve processes

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