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As an award-winning event planning firm, we use a uniquely strategic approach to craft bespoke experiences with impact.

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From ideation to execution, each customized experience is made possible through our OneTouch process.

Backed by over a decade of experience and vast creative partnerships, we cultivate visions into meticulously planned and executed events that build connection and community.

Impact Weekend 2021 


In-person conferences thrive on in-person engagement and proximity to the speakers. But when government restrictions reduced gatherings to a math equation of square footage x distance x number of attendees, business owners required creative solutions. Tasked with creating a hybrid conference experience for 250+ attendees, we set out to match the energy of in-person conferences and deliver more than “just another online meeting.” As a result, The OneTouch Events Hybrid Event Experience was born.

Intending to mirror in-person engagement, we focused on the user experience. To mimic the feeling of being IN the physical room through the attendee’s screen, we enhanced the stage presence to be larger than life and crafted the most vibrant version of our original design. Instead of a 'Click to Join' action, attendees received a personalized portal to receive meeting materials. There, they were greeted by live event team members for online check-in, which offered them the personal connection so many craved during a pandemic. During breaks, attendees could participate in 1:1 meetings and throughout the event, they received consistent 2-way engagement from the stage to the attendee’s home. 

Giving voice, screen highlights, and an active presence in the virtual room (as well as the live room) made for the most engaging virtual meeting experience many had ever attended. The raves are still raving.

Immersive Brand Environments | Experiential Design | Strategic Execution

Six-Figure Storyteller Live 2022


Jasmine Womack engaged OneTouch Events to design a three-day event where she would equip authors, coaches, and speakers with the tools they need to grow their businesses. Working together for the 2nd year in a row, Jasmine envisioned a unique, hands-on experience that would be memorable for all attendees. The result was Six-Figure Storyteller Live, the only high-end experience of its kind.
Our audience was comprised of 150+ authors, so we knew we wanted to harness the power of words. From the moment they entered the parking deck until they reached the stage, they were surrounded by power-packed affirmations. These affirmations created an energy that persisted the entire weekend. We used upscale touches and luxe details to reinforce the message of the conference: “My Words Bring Me Wealth.” 

Attendees left feeling connected, inspired, energized, and most importantly, prepared to act on all they learned during the event and as new members to The Empact Group coaching programs. 

A content-rich 3-day experience to cultivate community and business acceleration.  

Immersive Brand Environments | Experiential Design | Creative Ideation

Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance Summit 2022


The Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA) Summit is an annual event that – in its pre-pandemic days – welcomed 300+ members. After a 2-year hiatus and the return to “business as usual,” leaders focused their internal operations on the marketing and engagement of their membership base while partnering with OneTouch Events to spearhead the strategy, planning, and onsite management for the multi-day conference. The challenge they faced was clear: they needed to elevate the experience to reignite the membership base. 

We deployed the OneTouch Events Comprehensive Planning & Strategy activities with three strategic objectives in mind: 
  1. Reignite the base 
  2. Foster engagement 
  3. Celebrate the organization's 15th anniversary

The customized experience for the SEEA Summit included site selection, dynamic floor planning for multi-use spaces, event app technology infusion for registration, and event management. The resulting summit featured over 20 expert-led breakout sessions, innovative presentations by sponsors, the Inaugural Summit Awards Lunch, and 1:1 engagement with the new SEEA leadership team. To top it all off, our team channeled the celebrative energy of the anniversary into SEEA’s re-introduction of their signature networking reception by adding karaoke with a twist – karaoke singers were backed by a live rock band!

Collectively committed to effective energy solutions in the southeast, these movers, shakers, and innovators convened in Atlanta to learn, collaborate and celebrate. Upon conclusion of the 3.5 days, the verdict was in: the SEEA 15th Anniversary Summit was an energetic success.

Strategic Planning | Event Technology | Event Management